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Fully Insured & Bonded

Just like car insurance, we all hope we never have to use it! Being in the dog walking industry for over nine years we have learned that not all Premier/Top dog walking service providers keep updated insurance (they let it lapse). We are Elite, we never let ours lapse...that we promise!

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We Just Know Dogs... No Distractions!

Here, we love dogs, and we take care of dogs, and that's all we know. Just dogs, and how to care for them. We don't try to convince ourselves that we know more. We have no distractions, and there is nothing else we do that steals our focus.

We love the Waltham area. It's a big city with a small town feel, and it's fun too. The people are nice, and the surroundings are busy with lots of fun things to do. Here, there are no distractions. Nothing. Just Waltham.

Every day, we do the only thing we know - take care of your dog. You give us your dogs, and as a Dog Walker in Waltham, we walk your dog. No distractions.

 We have also come to consider ourselves something of an expert in all things dog, and so we will answer any questions you have about dogs when you book a consultation. We will even do it for free!

We believe that there is a great deal of satisfaction in doing one thing and doing it well, knowing that it will make pets satisfied and owners happy. It makes all the hard work and loud barks and constant obsessing over the tiniest changes worth it. The satisfaction of your pet is our reward!

That is why we know just dogs. Loving dogs and taking care of dogs, that is all we do. That's all folks. No distractions.

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 Talk with me and I’ll answer your questions about your pet and clear up any confusion that you might have. You can choose a face-to-face consultation, an audio consultation via a phone call, or a video consultation, whichever is convenient. The consultation you choose can be for your pet's health, or for pet behavior, or for pet training advice (we are not trainers), or if you need a second opinion concerning anything you want to do that concerns your pet.

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Then check out these reviews. We have a history of satisfaction, and we're not about to stop any time soon!

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Looking for local pet food? 

You can get locally sourced, fresh and fully nutritious pet food for your pet. We know that your furry friend deserves only what is best for them, and this is all they have in mind while procuring and providing the food. It is good for your pet, and good for your wallet

Local, Fresh Nutritious Pet Food

Love dogs? Need a job?

We are currently hiring dog walkers for the Waltham, and Newton area. If you love dogs, love being outside and are ready to join a great team, please apply!

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